Volunteering Opportunities

We need more volunteers. Here's a list of some volunteer positions (see "ongoing" column), or you can just help out occasionally, even just once (see "one-time" column).

If you have ideas that are not listed below, please post a comment or contact the board

  ongoing one-time
faith outreach person to coordinate outreach to faith communities (such as: church, mosque, synagogue, temple, ethical society, ...)
  • initiate a line of communication with a faith community
  • maintain a relationship with a faith community
  • organize an event co-sponsored with a faith community
community outreach person to coordinate general outreach
  • Organize an event:
    • movie viewing
    • tabling at a festival or another 
    • talk
    • other ideas?
  • propose ideas for the chapter to do
  • initiate a line of communication with an organization we could collaborate with
  • maintain a relationship with an organization
  • volunteer at an event
  • attend an event
adding/editing our web content

website editor

  • add contents to the website (see examples on the right)
  • approve or reject articles written by others
  • approve or reject new users
  • write an article:
    • a current event/situation/concern relevant to religious freedom in Maryland
    • a resolution of a past event/situation/concern
    • report about an event
  • propose edits to existing pages (correct typos, improve wording, add missing information, etc)
  • add a link to a relevant article, video, website, etc
  • resize pictures so they don't take more space than needed

facebook admin

  • post stuff (see on the right)
  • approve or reject other posts
  • ensure that all our meetings and other events are posted on Facebook
  • post a relevant information to our Facebook page
  • share a relevant link
  • create a Facebook event for something that is on Meetup
  • create a Facebook event for something relevant that is not on Meetup, and inform Meetup
twitter twitter voice for our chapter suggest ideas to the person who serves as twitter voice

meetup organizer

  • maintain the chapter's Meetup group
  • ensure all events we organize or co-sponsor are published on Meetup
  • inform Facebook admin about events that are not on Facebook yet
  • create an event on Meetup
  • post pictures on Meetup for past events
archive Keep track of our chapter's activity and maintain a written log
  • write a report of an event or activity
research Research ideas for the chapter (see on the right)
  • Follow the news
  • Follow Maryland legislature, which bills are introduced, ...
  • Follow local legislature/happenings - towns, counties
  • Read the national AU newsletter, website, facebook, and twitter
  • Follow other local groups
  • any other information source you can think of
other   redesign chapter logo